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Need an Escape? Plan Your Next Getaway.

Whether a romantic getaway with your partner, a solo adventure just because, or a way to celebrate special time with a loved one, follow along with “Flavour With Benefits” authors Cathy and Charley as they explore fun and flavours all over the world — and get inspired to plan your next adventure!

What to Give the Woman Who Has Everything? An Adventure.

Looking for the perfect anniversary, birthday, or holiday gift for a special woman in your life? The “Flavour With Benefits” books offer a much-needed escape into beautiful landscapes, moving stories from powerful women around the world, and flavours to bring the experience alive no matter where you are.

Healthy, Delicious Food With a Side Dish of Travel

Travel plus flavour with beautiful food while becoming healthier with each bite? Yes, please. These travel stories and recipes seek to move women toward food that is plant-based, oil-free, low salt, and low sugar — without compromising flavour or texture.

Myth: Great-Tasting Food Can’t Be Healthy

Using beautiful photography of food and travel, “Flavour With Benefits” nudges women toward healthier alternatives without sacrificing flavour or fun.

Food as Self-Care

Energy. Mood. Sexual vitality. There are so many things that are related to — and often weighed down by — our food choices. The good news is that we can use food to heal our bodies, all while enjoying the very best ingredients, flavours, fun — and travel!

Travel Writer, Food Innovator LOST Weight During the Pandemic

The author of a new series about how women can enjoy healthy, delicious food while taking control of their lives, wellness, and sexual vitality shares how she ate what she loved during the pandemic and improved her health.

Is What You Eat Really Helping You Live?

In North America, diet is a major contributing factor in the majority of the top 10 causes of death. Rather than leaning so heavily on pharmacological solutions, looking at what we eat can offer a refreshing solution to our health that provides a renewed sense of energy, vitality, and a passion for living.

Cooking to Connect

Cooking doesn’t have to be a chore. Hear stories from women around the globe who have used food to educate, enlighten, connect, and transform their lives.

Your Prescription? An Artichoke.

Cathy shares the inspiration behind her new book series, “Flavour With Benefits.” At the age of five, a French doctor prescribed her an artichoke instead of medication for a serious liver condition.
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