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Romantic France, Audacious Women, and Inspired Flavours

New Book Series Offers a Delicious Approach to Feeling Alive With a Side Dish of Travel

“Flavour With Benefits” is a new book series by Cathy Connally and coauthor Charley Best. Each book takes the reader on a journey to a different country or region and shares the stories of strong women, breathtaking sights, and food and flavours that reimagine “I’ll Have What She’s Having.”

“With this series of books,” says Cathy, “we are offering women an escape to visit exciting places, draw inspiration from women who changed the world, and enjoy food that doesn’t compromise on taste and health.”

Flavour With Benefits: France

The first book in the series, “Flavour With Benefits: France,” offers a culinary getaway to the world’s most popular travel destination. Interspersed through this journey are engaging stories, spectacular images of the French countryside and towns, and food inspired by the people and places.


* A Toast to the Widows of Champagne — Every trip should start with a glass of champagne and a slice of cheesecake. But did you know about the enterprising widows who built the industry?

* Metz and the Miracle of an Artichoke — In the Lorraine region in eastern France, a five-year-old girl was cured when her doctor prescribed an artichoke, instead of pills.

* Courage, Sacrifice, and Love — A drive through the Vosges hills and the winelands of Burgundy, reminiscing about grandparents and how small changes can lead to big benefits.

* The Trailblazing Mothers of Lyon — Women provided the foundation for French gastronomy. Walk through picturesque Lyon and experience the flavours.

* Meandering Through Provence — Inspiration in Arles and the Camargue, a dreamy artistic trip which will have you wanting to eat your passport — and everything else in sight.

* Marseille and the Nearby Coastal Mountains of the Calanques — A time to reflect on more than the Mediterranean.

* Recipes to Enhance Health, Happiness, and Sexual Vitality — With over 150 stunning photos, “Flavour With Benefits: France” includes over 50 recipes including desserts, main dishes, salads, sauces, breads, and soups — with classics and alternatives.

“This series is about feeling alive — with a side dish of travel,” says Cathy. “Food is one of the most important ways we connect with other people, and it’s also how we heal and nourish our bodies. ‘Flavour With Benefits’ is an approach to living fully — being happy, and healthy, and sexually vital. It illustrates how women all over the world have used food to take charge of their health and their lives.”

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